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IIT Software Solutions


IT Solutions was formed in 1996 by an entrepreneur and former CEO of an aerospace company. Purchased by Cerner Multum in November of the year 2020, were acquired shortly after by CSC Worldwide. The business has grown tremendously over the last decade and has grown even more this year with a record $6.4 Billion in revenue.


The primary aim of IT Solutions is to provide the best possible solution to organizations of all sizes. The company provides all areas of IT support including Customer Service and Outsourcing. The company also offers specialized software development and engineering services for small, medium and large businesses. Get more facts about IT services at http://www.ehow.com/how_6587588_advertise-computer-repair-business.html


IT Solutions offers several solutions to meet a variety of business needs. One of these is the Enterprise Application Platform. The Platform is the combination of two applications and includes CRM, ERP, and Salesforce. This platform provides complete integration and allows businesses to use the applications in any capacity.


The company has developed its own ERP system and is known as Managed IT Orlando Software Solutions. The ERP application is specifically designed for small, medium and large organizations and is used to help in the management of different departments. IIT software solutions use custom designed and developed modules for ease of deployment and use.


There are several types of solutions available through the IIT software solutions. Some of the most common types of solutions include enterprise CRM software, which includes Salesforce, QuickBooks, Zabasearch, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Oracle. Other solutions include virtual call centers, online chat, website maintenance, sales systems, web based accounting and more. Know what is managed it services here!


IIT Software Solutions was named after an IT professional from India, Rajesh Gopi, who was an engineer with a renowned IT firm. He later became an entrepreneur and started the company. He was also the first ever employee of a renowned IT firm. Today, IT Solutions is known as one of the leading companies in the IT world, providing various IT solutions to help organizations achieve their goals.


The company prides itself on being the only firm in the industry that incorporates the latest in technology in order to make the solutions available to organizations. It provides solutions that help enterprises cut costs, streamline operations, and streamline communications so they can better serve their clients.


A company based in India, is one of the largest IT Solutions Companies in the world. It is the second largest company based in the US and Canada. It has more than six thousand employees and is committed to helping companies throughout the world achieve their goals.


The company continues to grow each year. With a history of over seventy years, the company continues to be dedicated to providing outstanding solutions to organizations and clients around the world.